Considering the pure dominance Kentucky has shown this season we to wonder if this team can be beaten at all.  Now 34-0, Kentucky looks to finish its epic season with a run through the NCAA Tournament and a historic 40-0 record.

But as we all know too well, anything can happen come tournament time.

Dick Vitale joined Armen and Levack on Monday to give us the insight on who might have a chance at ending the Wildcats run.

"Gonzaga, Arizona, or Wisconsin. Those clubs I think have a great shot because they have some size, athleticism, they have got guys that can make threes, you got to make some threes against Kentucky, very, very little are you going to be able to score around the basket," Vitale said.

Defensively the Wildcats are one of the soundest teams. They rank second and third, respectively, in blocks per game and points allowed in the NCAA. Like Vitale said, the opposition needs to be able to make three-pointers to have success against this team because getting to the basket is going to be extremely difficult. Wisconsin ranks first in the country in offensive efficiency, but are not as athletic as teams like Arizona.

"You better be able to negate their offensive rebounding, they [Kentucky] really do a great job on the missed shot," Vitale added.

Kentucky ranks 21st in the country in rebounds per game.

"I think those teams have a shot," Vitale said.

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