What are the odds?

A wallet dropped in Lake Fenton last year, was found recently with all of the cash, credit cards and coins still inside. Are you kidding me? Talk about luck.

According to the Tri-County Times, Jennifer Tremaine lost her wallet outside of the Fenton Moose Lodge when wind knocked it off of her pontoon. As you can imagine, she jumped into the water, but was unable to find it. I have freaked out over dropping sunglasses into the water, I can't imagine losing my wallet. Tremaine did return to the spot several times afterward, but never recovered it.

Fast forward to July 2019 - her wallet was found by a friend. The person who discovered it, wishes to remain anonymous to the public. The wallet containing $300 cash surfaced at the exact same spot it was lost.

For all of you that have lost wallets, don't give up hope. The odds may be against you, but this just proves anything is possible. At this point in my life, I would just be happy if I could find the mates to my socks.

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