President Obama was in Flint on Saturday campaigning for Joe Biden, when he showed he can still ball out.

The campaign rally happened Saturday at Flint Northwestern High School, and featured some heavy hitters. Lt Governor Gilchrist, Dan Kildee, Debbie Stabenow, Gary Peters, and more all joined Biden and Obama at Northwestern. The drive in rally limited the number of people that could attend due to space, and kept in line with social distancing measures.

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While the rally outside featured some great moments on the stage, the moment that got the most press in Flint happened inside the gym. Luckily someone was ready to record when President Obama was walking through the gym. He got a ball and dribbled over to the corner. Obama proceeded to bury a corner three and walk off the gym, he pulled his mask down to let everyone know, "That's what I do!" Biden followed Obama out with a quick, Whoa!

The upbeat atmosphere carried into the rally outside as well, where the friendship between Obama and Biden was on display. The two shared the stage for a bit, and Obama made sure to show his love for Biden when he said, "Joe Biden is my brother, I love this man."

You can watch the full rally below, and you should probably watch Obama bury that corner three about four more times above.

If you have any questions about voting, you can get them all answered here. If you have not voted already, please make sure you get out and vote Tuesday.


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