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It takes a special kind of awful to steal wedding gifts from a newly-married couple. That's exactly what happened to a Michigan couple this last Saturday after getting married at an outdoor ceremony.

Alicia and Darreck Traylor have had a few setbacks in their quest to become man and wife. They were supposed to get married last year, but Darreck got shot. This year the COVID-19 pandemic put a damper on their wedding plans until they ultimately decided to get married in a large field near Darreck's mother's house in Melvindale. The field was large enough to accommodate 150 wedding guests while still observing social-distancing guidelines.

But some uninvited guests also showed up.

Every gift and every card that had been given to the couple was gone. The couple tells WDIV that three women that neither of them recognized could be the culprits.

"After the wedding, we couldn't even go on our honeymoon or nothing," Darreck said. "It killed the whole vibe."

Alicia can't believe someone would do something so low.

"Those gifts was given to us from our family and from our friends," she said. "That really hurts me. It really did."

Police are investigating the crime.

The couple says they are trying to set an example for their kids by showing them how to handle the situation with grace.


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