Since his television debut in 1977, Robin Williams has touched the lives of all of us in one way or another.  From Mork of Ork to Mrs. Doubtfire, Adrian Cronauer to Aladdin's Genie, his comedic genius was truly one of a kind.

Williams had been battling many demons including drug and alcohol addictions, and depression.  He lost that battle yesterday (August 11, 2014) when he was found dead in his California from what police are describing as apparent suicide.

Of all the characters Robin played throughout his career, it's hard to pick just one favorite.  But if I had to, it wouldn't be a movie character, or even a character from a TV series.  It was actually a comedy special called 'Carol, Carl, Whoopi and Robin.'  The special aired in 1987, just 10 years after Williams' career got started, at which time he was already considered one of the masters of comedy.

In this sketch, Robin plays the role of a man named Marcus, who tries to help a grieving widow, played by Burnett.  As funny as the initial sketch it, it gets even better when Robin asks to do it again with a few ad-libs.  It's sad and ironic that when I heard the news about the iconic comedy legend's passing that this is the performance that stands out.

What is your favorite Robin Williams character?  Let us know in the comments section below.

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