Alright friends, I need your help.

For spring break in 2022, my friends and I are taking the kids on a road trip to Florida. We found a super wicked place that all 18 of us can stay in together for the week in Panama City. With airline prices being a little more than what makes sense for all of us to pay, we decided we are all going to drive.

However, having done other long road trips in our lives, we know that the drive is going to suck a big one. Knowing that upfront, we decided to take a little extra time and make the drive over the course of two or two-and-a-half days. We're going to find a cool place and take time to relax during the trip, but none of us really have a stand-out place we want to stop.

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With that said, have you made the drive from Michigan to Florida? More specifically Panama City? If so, did you find any cool cities along the way that you would recommend? Any attractions we can spend a couple of hours at to ease the long drive? Let me know so this trip of ours doesn't turn out bad because we murdered the children.

The most direct route takes us through both Louisville and Nashville. So far, those are our top picks to stop at for the first night. However, I want to make sure we aren't missing a cool city or place that none of us know about. Hell, the world's largest ball of twine will help break the tension of driving.

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