I was scrolling Facebook (as one does) this morning, and was kind of surprised to see how many people have posted already about turning on their heat at home. I am definitely not ready to do that, are you?

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Sure my house has been cold the last few mornings, but part of that is because I keep my kitchen window open. I like fresh air. Yes, I do close it once we get into the dead cold of winter, but for now - the window stays open. When my boyfriend Nick complains he's cold, I say put on a sweatshirt. Yep, I am a real treat.

I should also preface that I am not cheap. Refusing to turn on my heat right now is not because of the Consumers Energy bill, I just know that temperatures are going to fluctuate the next few weeks. It never fails - every year when I do turn on the heat, the next day is like 60 something degrees.

If for some crazy reason on Monday we go to below zero temps (not going to happen), I will turn on the furnace. All kidding aside, when it comes to any danger of freezing pipes, I will have my heat set to 97 degrees. It's jut not that time - yet.

So what about you? Are you sticking it out like me? Telling your family, significant other or roommate to toughen up and put on a sweater of sweatshirt? If so, you are my people.

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