Father's Day is approaching, now is the time to start thinking about what you want to do with your Dad. I have created a list of five things that the majority of Dads out there would enjoy. In this list there are two great spots right in Lapeer, maybe three if you live in Lapeer yourself and one little day trip up to Oscoda. Check out my list and let me know what you think.

5. Dinner at E.G. Nick's

I know, taking your Dad out to dinner, so cliche, but hey it gets the job done. By going taking your Dad to E.G. Nick's you're not just taking your Dad to dinner, you're taking him to a great place to eat. Whether he's into the standard steak plate or one the their delicious burgers you can't go wrong. I particularly enjoy the drinks at E.G.'s, pour with just the right amount of liquor, you and your Dad could tie one on, then call Mom to come get you both. Take a look at their menu or call for Father's Day specials; 810.664.6200.

Must try: Black Tie Pasta - bow tie pasta, tortellini, blackened chicken breast covered, broccoli covered in a white cheese sause and grated parmesan cheese.

4. A Round of Golf at the Lapeer Country Club

This if more for your athletic Dad, do we count golf as athleticism? What Dad wouldn't want to spend the day on the links, especially the Lapeer Country Club. I have spent many hours at the Country Club losing balls, throwing my clubs and deciding I was better at driving the cart around drinking a beer. The Lapeer Country Club is a well manicured course even the worst hack can have a good time, plus their prices are very reasonable, on Father's Day you would expect the prices to be as follows: 9 Holes with cart - $20; 18 holes with cart $30. I won't put the walking prices up because I wouldn't expect to make my Dad walk all day.

3. Target Shooting or Trap/Skeet Shooting at Williams in Davison

Here's the first of two outdoorsman activity for the outdoorsman Dad. Growing up with my Dad, going out hunting or just shooting in general was always fun. Hell, you get to blow stuff up! My Dad and I would always shoot skeet in the backyard of our farm in Lapeer, but it was too much work, you had to load the machine then take a guess if it was going to break coming off the machine. At Williams Gun Sight you can choose from Trap and Skeet Fees for One round (25 clays) $5.00 or NRA Sporting Clays Fees One round (50 clays) $12.00. This is a great way to spend some quality time with Dad, have a little friendly competition all while carrying a load firearm. If you just want to shoot some holes in paper, hit the pistol/rifle ranges for just $7 you can site in your rifle, practice with your handguns or just waste some lead on a piece of paper. Either way the most important part is being with your Dad, isn't it?

2. Charter a Fishing Boat in Oscoda

Here's the second adventure for your outdoorsman Dad, take a day-trip to Oscoda and charter a fishing boat for salmon, trout, steelhead or walleye. Being a native of Lapeer, I know most of us are used to taking a trip up north for hunting, fishing or just to get away. Oscoda offers some good charter fishing Kingfisher Charters and Calypso Sportfishing Charters are just a couple. I know my Dad and I would rather do some walleye fishing, but hooking into a couple big browns or maybe a steelhead would be great fun too. Both charters offer 6, 8, and 12 hour tours and all you need to bring is appropriate clothing, all species fishing license, lunch and drinks for you and your Dad and enjoy the time on the water together. When you get done, you can share your stories of the one that got away.

1. Grilling Out at Home

This one by far is my favorite, we had a tradition for years where we would invite the family over for a BBQ in honor of my Grandfather. Every year my Dad would save the back-straps from that year's deer and since walleye season is in full swing, we would head out and catch us some walleyes, fillet them up and have a great cook out in honor of all the Dads that were there. This was a great gathering of the Gray's, my dad, my uncle and my grandfather. This was all about spending time with the Dads in the family and isn't that what Father's Day is about, spending and cherishing the time Father's and children have together.

I'm sure I missed something for all the different types of Dads out there, but really the key is to spend that quality family time together. What are you doing for your Dad this year?