Two of Pink Floyd's albums were minus Roger Waters and to this day, critics and fans have their opinions on whether or not they were actual Pink Floyd albums.  Remember "Momentary Lapse of Reason" and "The Division Bell?'  Any thoughts?  Mine are that they were clearly David Gilmour solo projects, especially Momentary.  There is even a shot (shown below) of Gilmour and stick man Nick Mason in the album's inner sleeve, without key man Richard Wright, who was only mentioned as a musician in the credits.  I loved the music though, being a fan of Gilmour's solo work.  I also loved seeing Waters squirm due to his childish mean spirited behavior at the time.  Wow.  Any news on the band during the late 80's was guaranteed colorful!  Waters permanently ruined his reputation with many fans, including me.  I can't stand to see him now and certainly don't care what he's up to musically.  So, "turning" to Gilmour and the others from 1987 with On The Turning Away, today's Vault track.  Out of town?  Listen live on-line.