As the first full week of the new baseball season gets underway, just how important is the sport to Americans these days?  According to a new Rasmussen Reports poll, it doesn't matter all that much.  Just 29-percent say baseball is still "America's national pastime," while 46-percent don't believe this is true.  A quarter of those polled aren't sure what the case truly is.  But baseball is important to those who follow the games.  While 52-percent of baseball fans believe the sport is still "America's national pastime," only ten-percent of those who don't pay much attention to the games agree.  And most Americans don't really follow baseball all that much.  Nearly two thirds of those polled spend little to no time monitoring major league baseball activity.  Just 19-percent keep up with the sport on a regular basis, and only 16-percent typically follow the baseball season "very closely."