Detroit Area
Spencer Platt, Getty Images

It's probably safe to say that any money made by selling lemonade is just going to be a drop in the bucket that is Detroit's budget deficit, but I want to give this young man credit anyway. Read more about Joshua after the break.



Joshua Smith is a nine year old that was so distressed by stories of Detroit's financial problems that he decided to do something to help out. Monday thru Friday, from 5 - 8 pm, you will find Joshua in front of his family's home selling lemonade, fruit punch, water and popcorn. You and I know that there isn't enough lemonade or popcorn to ease Detroit's financial crisis, but Joshua doesn't and his parents have decided not to tell him. They believe so much in his efforts that they cover the costs of the lemonade stand, nearly $100 so far. Joshua's dad, Flynn Smith says "I'm really proud of him. He wasn't asking how can he make money to buy himself something. My wife and I were talking about this earlier. Neither of us ever thought to do anything like this when we were kids."

Joshua is hoping to raise $1,000,  would like to see the money used to cut the grass and improve the city's parks. Friends and family have helped to promote the stand with fliers, postings on Facebook and word of mouth. As of Monday, Joshua has raised $69.