2012 London Olympics.

Squirrels Having Fun At The London Olympics
Olympic beach volleyball players are having problems in their sandy courts in London. Squirrels have been burying nuts and acorns on six practice courts at London's St James's Park and bikini-clad players have been feeling the pain as they land barefoot on the squirrel snacks.
No London Olympics Beatles Reunion
The all-star Beatles supergroup with Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr joined by their sons along with John Lennon's and George Harrison sons for the opening ceremonies of next year's London Summer Olympics won't be happening.
Beatles, Stones and Sex Pistols On One Stage?
McCartney, Jagger and Johnny Rotten Go For The Gold.
The stars of Britain's most famous rock groups, including the Beatles, Rolling Stones and Sex Pistols, have been tipped to come together to form a spectacular supergroup for the launch of the London Olympics...