The Beatles

The Beatles Are Bashed In Sweden 51 Years Ago [Video]
From The Beatles Breakfast Jam History Book this week in 1963, The Beatles started their first overseas tour with a stop in Sweden where they performed two shows in Karlstad, Sweden. Swedish newspaper critics weren’t impressed by the band. One writer had this to say “The Beatles should b…
The Beatles Change Direction 48 Years Ago
This week in 1966, The Beatles had the #1 album in the U.S.A. Their collection Revolver would stay #1 for six weeks and introduce Beatle fans to a new chapter with the boys starting to experiment with different sounds and styles of music.
The Fifth Beatle Billy Preston
Billy Preston was born in Houston, Texas on September 2,1946 and died at the age of 59 in 2006 from kidney disease. Billy started out as a session musician and would eventually have a successful solo career. Along the way he helped out The Beatles
The Beatles Hit The Street 45 Years Ago
The photo shoot for one of the most well known album covers took place today August 8, 1969 in London. Scottish photographer Iain McMillan, positioned himself on a step ladder in the middle of the street called Abbey Road and shot six pictures of The Beatles during the ten minute session.
The Beatles Show A New Musical Side 48 Years Ago
On this day in 1966, The Beatles let the world know that they had entered a new chapter with the release of the album Revolver. This collection of Beatle songs shows the band exploring, experimenting and expanding their musical abilities.

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