Detroit, Lansing, Bay City, and more are the Michigan homes to these professional wrestlers.

Many of us grew up watching wrestling and cheering on our favorites. Hell, some of us still do. I was a huge wrestling fan growing up and even in my adult life follow it a little bit and have bonded with my nephew over it. While digging into some of the professional wrestler's origins, I found that quite a few of them are from the great state of Michigan.

Some of the names on this list were huge players during the infamous "Monday Night Wars," and some of them date back to the early days of wrestling. From the "original Sheik" to some of the key members of the NWO, Michigan has ties to all of it.

Check out the list below and relive some childhood memories. I have included a video for each and the city in Michigan they were born in so you can remember who they are if you don't remember. Also, the list is alphabetical and not a ranking, so don't start yelling at me if your favorite isn't "higher on the list"

Eric Bischoff - Detroit

Monty Brown - The Alpha Male - Bridgeport

Ed Farhat - The Original Sheik - Lansing

Jimmy Jacobs - Grand Rapids

Kevin Nash - Detroit

Rhino - Detroit

Chris Sabin - Detroit

Sabu - Detroit

Dan Severn - Coldwater

Alex Shelley - Detroit

Sgt. Slaughter - Detroit

Lou Thesz - Banat

George "The Animal" Steele - Detroit

Rick Steiner - Bay City

Scott Steiner - Bay City

Rob Van Dam - Battle Creek

Sosay - Plainwell

Source: Wikipedia

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