A few things I should put out here right away,

  1. This article is not for kids.
  2. I don't have kids.

I don't recall how old I was when I found out that Santa Claus was actually my mom and dad. I do remember being bummed out. I was not upset over the fact that old Saint Nick didn't exist - I was more annoyed about all of the time I wasted writing letters to a fake guy, when I could have just as easily told my parents what I wanted for Christmas.

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Here I am many years later, and the charade continues. Will it ever end? I may end this year - and not by choice for many parents. The economy has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic (to say the least). A lot of families are hurting right now, maybe even yours. If you are struggling to put food on table, and keep a roof overhead - Christmas presents are most likely at the bottom of your to do list. This may be the year to explain to your kid(s) that Santa Claus has been hit hard by the pandemic too.

You don't have to crush the Santa facade completely, but if there are going to be fewer presents under the tree this year, tell them. It's definitely a better alternative than a kid crying on Christmas morning, wondering why Santa Claus forgot her or him. Can you even imagine? Ugh.

If you need me to be the fall guy, I will be. I am more than happy to come over and tell you kid(s) that Santa is waiting on a stimulus check too, and there is no way in hell there will be a PS5 under the tree this year.

All kidding aside, I think there is a delicate way to let your kids know that this year Christmas may be different, and that is okay. Trust me, you are not alone. They might even appreciate their gifts more, knowing how hard you worked to get them.

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