While the Coronavirus continues to make its way around America, different states are handling the pandemic differently and all having various levels of either success or difficulty with it all. Let's talk about where Michigan ranks.

I know some would argue that our state's COVID-19 protocols may be a bit "too much" (to put it lightly). We all have seen first-hand the effects it's had on our businesses, we all have seen the fear and the anger people have over the whole situation.

Scary times, indeed, which has led people to venture just over the border to go be able to do things like sit down and eat in a restaurant.

It has been interesting to see everyone's creativity bloom when it comes to unique ways for businesses to stay afloat but I'd argue it's been interesting seeing how differently each state is handling things.

So, is Michigan actually the state with the most restrictions? If not, which state does? Who has the least?

Well, WalletHub did a deep dive so you don't have to and were able to come up with some answers to these very questions!

In terms of Coronavirus restrictions, as compared over 14 metrics including restaurants being open, masks in public, required temperature screenings, etc. Michigan actually ranks 29 out of all 50 states!

Source: WalletHub

If you think we have it "bad" but end up being middle-of-the-road, that means you probably would not fare well in California where they have the most.

As far as the state with the least restrictions, you'll have to make like a bird and go south for the winter to Oklahoma!

CLICK HERE for all the information on how WalletHub came to these conclusions!

This post is in no way an attempt to tell people to stop complaining or that it "could be worse" because we totally understand that this is just a bad circumstance all-around but it does help to know this kind of information.

The best we can do is just all do our part to get this virus to vacate and we can all move on and hopefully we have learned better ways to take care of our fellow humans, local businesses and more!

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