This week in 1964 in England, The Rolling Stones released their first album. On the cover of the LP was a photo of the band with no mention of their name, no album title and only one word on it Decca the name of the record company. A month later the album with the title 'England's Newest Hit Makers', debuted here in the United States.

In the United Kingdom it would knock The Beatles from the #1 chart position and would stay on the top for twelve weeks and become one the largest selling albums for 1964. Here in America The Rolling Stones would make it up #11.
The American version had 12 tracks only one song 'Tell Me' was credited to Mick Jagger/Keith Richards and two other tracks were credited to Nanker Phelge the name  used for songs written by the group.

Some of the cover songs are the Motown classic Marvin Gaye's "Can I Get A Witness," Bo Diddley's "Mona", Willie Dixon's "I Just Want To Make Love To You," Bobby Troup's "Route 66," and a killer version of Chuck Berry's "Carol."

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