A video of an altercation at a Pita Pit in Montana between an employee and a customer has gone viral. The argument was so heated that the employee actually spits in the said customer's pita. 

Before you judge the employee, watch the video. When the video starts, the argument is clearly already in progress. You can hear the customer(s) daring the pita making employee to spit in the food - and boy does she. After that, the employee attempts to jump the counter.

As you can imagine, this has resulted in negative press/social media for the restaurant. That is the bad part, the owners had nothing to do with this, but yet their business will surely suffer. The customer involved ShaeLynne MadPlume wrote a scathing post on her Facebook page. The owners of the Pita Pit have since responded via Facebook with an apology. You can read both posts below.

What are your thoughts after watching the video? It definitely takes two to tango, but who do you think is at fault?

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