Five delivery men came to the rescue of a two-year-old girl in China on Thursday. She fell from a fifth-story window, and the whole thing was caught on a security camera.

By the time she almost hit the ground, she was traveling at a pretty good speed.  One man hurt his arm, and another man hurt his neck when they caught her.  The toddler was lucky as she only suffered a few scrapes and bruises.

Her parents said that they left her alone in their apartment while she was sleeping.  She apparently woke up while they were gone, and made her way to an unlocked or open window.

What is wrong with parents in China?  Why would you leave a two-year-old alone in an apartment?  I guess it's not as bad as the parents who flushed their infant down a toilet.  That child was rescued after is got stuck in the plumbing.  Click here for that story.