UPDATE:  We have an answer to the mystery.  Find out what it is here.

A billboard went up this week along the I-69 corridor, and it is somewhat of a mystery. It's located on eastbound I-69 just beyond the I-75 interchange, and reads "I'm Concerned About The Blueberries." But there is no phone number, website or business name accompanying it. So who put it up? What could it mean?

Reports indicate that representatives from the Flint Farmers' Market and the Michigan Blueberry Growers are clueless as to who is behind it.  The billboard is owned by CBS Outdoor, and all they could tell The Flint Journal was that it was commissioned anonymously.

One website has several theories as to what it could mean, but many of them are far-fetched.  So what do you think it means?  Are you concerned about the blueberries?  Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.

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