Last week, we reported on a billboard that went up this month on I-69 eastbound just past I-75. The sign reads "I'm Concerned About the Blueberries" in white lettering on a blue background. The mystery of what it means and who is behind is was solved over the weekend.

Phil Shaltz is a local businessman who commissioned the sign after a recent vacation to Alaska with his wife.  According to a report, some college students served as their tour guides, and Shaltz struck up a conversation with one of the students.  Even though the student seemed like he didn't have a care in the world and lead a pretty fun and laid-back lifestyle, when asked how things were going his tone changed and he said "Eh, they're OK."

Taken aback by his response he asked again, and the tour guide replied, "I'm concerned about the blueberries. Not enough rain."  He can't do anything about his concern because he has no control over the weather.

That got Shaltz thinking.  He explained to The Flint Journal,

"We all go through the day and we see people who have blueberries – their own issues – and we don’t do anything. Even when it’s not about rain, when it’s something we can impact, we show just how desensitized we’ve become."

It has nothing to do with drugs, schools, students, or racism. It's a reference to the problems or issues that other people have.  Issues that they may need help with, yet we just look the other way and do nothing.  It is simply a plea to help and be kind to one another.

Are you concerned about other people's blueberries?


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