Last Tuesday (7/22), a "man" reached across the counter and hit an unsuspecting female employee at a Flint Burger King and the whole thing was caught on camera. I'm pretty sure that's not what they meant by "have it your way."

According to the assaulted manager of Flint's Dort Highway Burger King, the aggressor in the video was visibly intoxicated. He began by ordering a couple of sandwiches and continued adding things to his order. He reportedly forgot his order, but claimed he was missing a water and there were two orders of fries listed that he didn't want. While she was trying to sort out the mess by explaining what the customer was being charged for, he allegedly said something about her "trying to rip him off" and quickly punched the employee in the face.

The Flint Police are aware of the situation, but if you recognize the jerk in the video -- you should definitely let them know who he is.

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