whale vomit

We've all done it. Walked along the beach, looking for pretty rocks. Nobody expects to get rich if they happen to wander into a rock shop with them. Certainly not the staggering amount this eight year old walked away with, and you won't believe what for!

Charlie Naysmith was walking along a beach in southern England, and happened upon what looked like a very pretty stone. He is a nature lover, so he picked it up. He didn't expect it to be what marine biologists call ambergris, which is regurgitated sperm whale vomit. That substance is used to prolong the scent of perfumes. Ambergris rarely makes it to shore, so it is very valuable. Charlie's chunk weighs just over a pound and is worth an estimated $63,000!

Catch the video below!

Charlie thinks that he might like to build a home for animals with his unexpected windfall. If you came upon some unexpected money like Charlie, what would you do with it?