Don't get me wrong. I'll watch football with the fake crowd noise and the stands filled with CGI-created fans.  Hell, I'll watch football with the Kardashian sisters chirping in my ear.  And for the record, I like the idea of complimenting a game with with these effects.

Governor Whitmer recently said that she does not expect capacity crowds at Lion's games this fall.  Many misinterpreted her remark as her issuing another order of capacity restrictions.  Not the case.  She, like the rest of us, wonders whether the fans will come out to a large crowd event even if it's allowed.

It might not matter since Ford Field capacity hasn't exactly been threatened for a good while.  In reality, there will be plenty of fans watching on TV which is why I don't mind the idea that FOX Sports' Joe Buck put forth about strategically placed crowd responses and CGI fans in the stands.  But I have a better idea.

Remember the "no announcers" game in December of 1980?  People have been referencing it because of all the talk of enhancing the game experience.  I watched it and thought it was just OK.  Many years later I thought of something that I'm surprised no one else has.

My idea was to have a regular game like we had pre-pandemic but mic the field and as many players as possible.  NFL Films has been doing it for years.  But what I'm talking about is let everything get aired.  No editing out swearing, listen to the trash talking, the whole thing.  We would experience what the players experience.

Back when I thought of it, the only way it could be done is either pay-per-view or put it on HBO, Showtime or one of the the other channels with swearing.  But now, with "The Last Dance" we've seen we can put it on an ESPN or something similar.

Am I crazy?  Or is this a great idea?  I AM crazy and this IS a great idea.

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