The Ottawa County Sheriff's Department and Fire Department branched out to save this local skydiver.

I would like to think that if I ever when skydiver, that something like this would never happen to me.  Knock on wood.  But this unidentified skydiver found out the hard way that it's not so easy to just get up and leaf once your parachute is tangled in a tree according to the Holland Sentinel,

Ottawa County Sheriff’s Office responded to 15080 Coleman, where the skydiver was in a tree approximately 75 feet off the ground. The fire department was able to reach the skydiver with climbing gear and a ladder, and free them from the parachute and tree.

Luckily, authorities were able to quickly find the trill seeker.  I would imagine it would be easy to constantly bark up the wrong trees for a while in an effort to find a person 75 feet in the air.

I do wonder about a person's emotion state while being stuck that high in a tree for a long period of time.  I bet they got a little sappy toward the end.  Then again, maybe the skydiver was just pining to hang out for a while.

The good news is, the Ottawa County authorities were able to get to the root of the problem and rescue the human tree ornament with no injuries.  Thankfully the firemen had climbing gear in their trunks.

I know the tree puns aren't poplar with everyone.  In fact, they seem a bit elementree.

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