Step aside baby back ribs, Chili's in Flint is offering something a little more my speed. Now until November 3rd, you can get a Presidente margarita for only $5 dollars.

According to Delish, Chili's knows that this years election is stressing out a lot of people. That may be an understatement. This election season has people not only stressed out, but down each others throats as well. It is tough to find two people with opposing political views, that can have an actual civil conversation. Think about your social media feed - either you have already deleted a lot of people, and if not, you see the constant bickering and arguing. Anyone still one social media, deserves a margarita in my opinion.

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That being said, alcohol does have a tendency to turn up a persons energy - so consider yourself warned when you belly up to the bar at Chili's. You may be seated next to someone who does not share your political beliefs. Here is a tip - don't bring up politics at a bar to a stranger. That may be easier said than done right now.

Lets' get back to the $5 dollar Presidente margarita. It is made with Sauza tequila, Patron Citrónge, and E&J Brandy. Sounds good to me. Heads up, when you go into Chili's to get your margarita, sign up for their rewards program. Just for signing up, you will get free chips and salsa on every visit. You know what goes great with a Presidente margarita? Chips and salsa. Total win win.

If you do plan on taking advantage of this awesome deal, plan on having a designated driver too, and don't forget to vote. Cheers!

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