It's almost hard to believe that, after 7 wonderful years of this wildly successful event, the Flint River Flotilla family fun event has not returned for event #8. Granted, with all the changes that came along with the 2020 nightmare, it was understandable that it was cancelled that year. After all, it was beyond anyone's control.

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But, with the triumphant return of Flint River Flotilla 2021, it looked as if it would continue on like nothing had ever happened and just continue to grow. But unfortunately, that was not the case. The Flint River Flotilla floaters have been grounded since.

Credit: Drone to Earth via Canva
Credit: Drone to Earth via Canva

Why Was the Flint River Flotilla Cancelled in 2022

You may recall a spill in the river that forced officials to cancel the family friendly event in 2022, much to the dismay of the hopeful participants. The Flint River Flotilla usually draws upwards of 300 people in tubes, canoes, and kayaks to float down the river.

But, after a state environmental agency spokesperson said a breach at the Lockhart Chemical Company had been identified and officials were still working to identify an unknown substance, they had no choice but to cancel the event.

Why Is the Flint River Flotilla Cancelled in 2023

Unfortunately, organizers of the Flint River Flotilla have once again decided against hosting the event due to the construction work planned for restoring the Flint Riverfront, as well as their ongoing concerns of the for mentioned chemical spill.

Will The Flint River Flotilla Return in 2024

Knowing that the intention was to have it return this year, the only thing we can hope for is a yes from the organizers next year.

It is no secret that, for just shy of 10 years now, anytime the word 'Flint' is placed in the same sentence as the word 'water' ... you never know what the outcome of that sentence will be. But, for the sake of the Flint River Flotilla 2024, let us all remain positive.

This is a short video of the 2nd Annual Flint River Flotilla (pt3) just getting started at the launch site. It shows how popular 'Year 2' already was. And it just kept growing from there. Check YouTube for all 19 parts filmed of this event.

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