Do you love the water and grilling? Doesn't it suck when you have to get out of the water to fire up the grill? Good news, that will no longer be a problem. This summer you can grill and chill in the water at the same time.

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Amazon is selling a made in the USA portable floating propane grill called the Float 'N' Grill. According to the product description, this free floating grill is perfect for the sandbar, floating down a river, or when you are out fishing. I don't know if you would want to fire it up in your pool, but I suppose you could.

I live on a lake and I am tempted to get one just to see my neighbors faces when I am standing in the water grilling hot dogs and hamburgers. So much for sweating in front of the grill all summer long, I will be cool as as a cucumber grilling in/on the water.

A Float 'N' Grill will run you $229.00 and is available in blue or red. Additional information on the grill is as follows,

  • Manufactured in the USA with materials rated for high temperatures - Designed to be flip resistant and safe to use
  • The grill detaches for easy cleaning and storage
  • Engineered with materials that resist rust and fading
  • 3 built in cup holders, specially designed removable grease trap
  • 2 tow hooks to tie it down or tow it along

Sounds cool AF. Let me know if you get a Float 'N' Grill. Here is to a fun summer of grilling on the water. What a time to be alive.

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