We Americans are pretty good about forgiving public figures. Just look at Chris Brown's album sales and Bill Clinton's standing ovation on Sunday as examples. But there is one thing we still take very seriously, dogs. It's because of a dog that Florida's governor, Rick Scott, is facing a public relations nightmare.

Back in 2010, after Scott won the Republican primary to become a candidate for governor, he and his family adopted a brand new Labrador. The campaign put a photo on Facebook asking for name suggestions, and they ended up settling on "Reagan."

Scott won the election, but since then, there hasn't been any sign of Reagan. So the Tampa Bay Times started poking around, and after several of Scott's media relations people tried to deflect the questions, the reporters found out the truth: Scott had returned the dog to its past owners right after he was elected.

Apparently the dog didn't fit in well at the house. A rep said that one kitchen employee threatened to quit because of the dog, and it barked like crazy. While, that may be true, it still looks like the dog was just a prop to get elected.

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