Feeding strays? You can stop the cycle of homelessness. Get outdoor, free roaming, feral, barn and community cats fixed, vaccinated for rabies and a mandatory eartip for FREE this March at the Flint All About Animals Rescue spay/neuter clinic and the Warren AAAR spay/neuter clinic. Appointments are required. Get the details here and from AAAR below. The Flint spay/neuter surgery clinic is located at 507 W. Atherton Road.

Appointments are required for the Flint spay/neuter clinic and for more than 3 outdoor stray cats at the Warren clinic. No appointment is needed for 3 or less cats brought to Warren; Monday through Friday, between 8 a.m. and 10 a.m. Pick up is 7:15 a.m. the next morning. Females should be kept in a temperature controlled environment for another 24 hours before returning to where you trapped them.

Free appointments are limited to availability in March. 10 appointments per person per day. Appointments go fast! Please plan accordingly. Make your appointment and keep it. If you need to cancel or change the number of appointments, please contact us immediately so another cat can get fixed that needs too. Successful trapping takes your planning!

We loan humane traps by deposit. Cats must come in a trap. One cat per trap. For safety, do not trap in freezing weather and do not leave traps unattended outside. Want to learn more about Trap Neuter Return? Watch a trapping video here. Or attend a TNR class.

Have questions about trapping? Email: tnr@allaboutanimalsrescue.org.

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