The punishment, should fit the crime - and then some.

A Genesee County woman is being accused of torturing her step-daughter by forcing her to wear a dogs shock collar. According to the 12-year-old victim, she would be shocked whenever she acted up.

Alvarez is reportedly married to the girls biological father, and he is not facing charges. I am sure that raises a lot of questions with readers. I don't know if he knew of the abuse or not. Two other kids (ages unknown), were removed from the home. According to reports, there was no sign they suffered abuse like the 12-year-old victim.

Tiffany Alvarado, of Richfield Township in now facing several charges including, first-degree child abuse, torture and four counts of second-degree child abuse. I am absolutely disgusted. My heart breaks for this poor girl.

If you know of anyone being abused, children or adults - speak up.



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