Thanks to the tireless efforts of two metro Detroit moms, Michigan will soon have a functioning child abuse and neglect registry.

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Erica Hammel and Christyne Kadlitz are the mothers behind this victory, now known as Wyatt's Law. Wyatt is Erica's son. Wyatt, now 9-years-old, was abused by his father's girlfriend when he was just one year old. Since the abuse happened, Wyatt has had to endure countless surgeries and has permanent brain damage.

So what brought Erica and Christyne together? Chrystyne's 3-year-old son Travis was drugged and abused by the same woman. The unidentified woman was sentenced to ten years but only served five years behind bars. Reports indicate, she is off parol and does not show up on any criminal database.

Thankfully, that will not be the case much longer. My heart goes out to Erica Hammel and Chrystyne Kadlitz. For seven-plus years these strong moms have been fighting to make this registry happen. Talk about perseverance, strength, and determination. You can learn more about their

According to WXYZ, the Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Registry will be up and running in a few weeks. This registry (for now) will not be exactly like the Michigan Sex Offender Registry. The public will not be able to search the Michigan Child Abuse and Neglect Registry by name. Wyatt's Law requires going through the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services to obtain access.

Congratulations to Erica and Chrystyne. You two are super moms in my eyes, and in the eyes of many others. Thank you. You can see them both, and Wyatt too, in the video below.

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