is launching the Great Male Survey of 2012, and if you view yourself as such a dude, then start plugging in your answers for the “Men in 2012” portion of the three-part pre-survey. Yes, that might sound like a bit of work, but trust us, it’s more interesting than your actual job. 

The survey asks political questions about the state of this great nation of ours – Are we still a superpower?- as well as a few more lighthearted ones, like who is the manliest politico of our time? That’s a toughie, isn’t it? Is Obama tough? Bill Clinton might get laid a lot, but he didn’t exactly project an image of being able to kick our butts.

The survey also asks which current presidential nominee you could beat in a spelling bee. Presidents don’t need to spell; they have speech writers and copy writers creating their content, so that’s definitely a throwaway question. Or maybe it isn’t. We guess you could have a little fun with it.

Other lines of questioning include those about mobile device habits – how often to do you check it or when was the last time you checked in on your electronic handcuff? We check our electronic handcuff every morning. We don’t want to go back to jail. The people there are real meanies.

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