I know you can't believe everything you see on TV or the internet, but the male contestant in the video below truly looks mortified when his supposed girlfriend lets the world know she is single. 

'Let's Make A Deal' host, Wayne Brady asked contestants Steve and Jessie how long they have been dating - Steve responded '6-months'. Jessie responded with 'We are just friends.' Awkward! Wait until you see the look on Steve's face. As you can imagine, social media has gone crazy with this clip.

Have you ever been seeing someone and thought things were going well, only to get put in the 'friend-zone'? It more than likely was not on live TV - so how did you find out? For your sake, I hope not in a public place. In this day and age, I am guessing it was via text or being blown off, as in no returned phone calls or texts. Being dumped blows. That being said, I bet there are a lot of girls who want to mend Steve's broken heart.

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