Matt Stafford's time as record smashing quarterback of the Detroit Lions is coming to an end. He asked for a trade earlier this week. I hear New England is deeply regretting their insanely idiotic quarterback decision they made to NOT PAY TOM BRADY last year. Brady has lead the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to become the first team ever to host a Super Bowl game... The Patriots will regret this move for a long time.

I hope the Lions transition works a lot better. They were a losing team last year, how bad could it be? The year before Stafford got here, the Lions went 0-16.

I have NO DOUBT in my mind Trevor Lawrence will be taken by the Jacksonville Jaguars with the first pick in the NFL Draft Thursday April 29th. I don't think Jacksonville will trade out and if they do, it won't be worth it for the Lions to give up as much as it would take to get the can't miss QB from Clemson. NO WAY IT HAPPENS.

The other star QB, Justin Fields is actually a guy the Lions could have a shot at but they will have to trade and move up. He will be gone by the time they pick at #7.

So, who are some names being floated around as Stafford's possible replacement? Some may make you say "NO WAY!" and some will having you hoping.

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