The Ford Family has been the owner of the Detroit Lions since 1963, just 10 years after the Lions won its second consecutive NFL Championship and its third championship overall.

The Lions would go on to win another title in 1957 and that's the last time Detroit played in a championship game.

Since that win over the Cleveland Browns in 1957, the Detroit Lions have been arguably one of the worst teams in the NFL year in and year out. The fans have been complaining for decades about the changes that need to be made to return the Lions to their winning ways, but instead, they keep being met with more mediocre seasons.

Now, fans are turning their anger toward the Ford Family and asking that they relinquish their ownership rights to someone else.

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With greats donning the Lions' blue, silver, white, and black variations over the years we're never able to hoist the ever so desired Lombardi Trophy and are still searching for the first opportunity to do so as back in 1957 it was the NFL Championship and there was a different trophy. The Lions have had greats like Calvin Johnson, Matthew Stafford, Barry Sanders, and others take their sideline but never reign as the ultimate champion.

After watching Matthew Stafford head to the Los Angeles Rams and win a championship in his first year and now, Darius Slay is currently the starting cornerback on the only undefeated team left in the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles, many fans are calling for change. They want to see the owners lose their rights and for someone else to take the reigns, hoping the change will bring about more success.

The hardest part of this change is finding another owner, not only do you want them to have the money but also the passion and decision-making skills to pull the team out of the deep hole they're in and start progressing.

Firstly, the money, buying the Detroit Lions would not be a cheap investment. The price tag for the iconic football franchise from Michigan is $2.4 billion dollars.

You could own so many other things with $2.4 billion, but let's say you do buy the lions, what's next? Well, you have to make decisions on the front office and coaching staff and then try to put together a championship-winning roster.

That's the easy part of your job, the hardest part will be dealing with the fans and their expectations. The fans want to have winning seasons and playoff runs, not losing seasons or losses in the wild card.

The decisions you make about who will be running the helm of the front office, who will be making draft day decisions, and who has the final say down on the field will be what fans base their ownership value off of.

The Ford Family has lost that vote of confidence from the current fans. Do you have $2.4 billion and the decision-making to make the lions successful?

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