Most of us make plans for St. Patrick's Day. You may be going out, you may be going to a house party. If part if not most of your celebrating involves adult beverages, chances are you may not feel so hot, or should I say you may look a little green the day after? 

Part of your St. Patrick's Day planning should be planning on being hungover. As in plan on eliminating your hangover by having some remedies on your nightstand and in your fridge. Especially if you have to go to work after a night of getting shammered. The video below has some tips to help you through your pounding head and queasy stomach. Some remedies I was already aware of like pickle juice and Pedialyte. There are a few that I was not aware of like eating burnt toast or standing on your head. I think I would try anything other than a headstand. Check out the remedies in the quick 81-second video below. You are welcome.

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