St. Patrick's Day is one week away. Since the day of drinking lands on a Tuesday, I think a lot of you (myself included), will be celebrating (drinking) this Saturday.

I am going to a St. Practice Day house party. When I am invited to a party, I like to bring something. A host gift, a bottle of booze, or even food. I am not going to lie, I think it is rude when people are invited somewhere and don't bring anything. Am I right?

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This Saturday, I will be taking a Lucky Charms Cheesecake to the party. I am not much in the kitchen, but I know I can make this, and make it even easier by buying boxed cheesecake filling - sorry not sorry.

If all else fails and my cheesecake doesn't turn out so great, I can always bring tequila Shamrock Shakes. If you do make one of these cheesecakes, send me a picture.

Happy St. Practice Day to you!


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