Calling all Irish food lovers, it is 'St. Practice Day' at Timothy's Pub.

Today, Wednesday, February 17th, marks exactly one month until St. Patrick's Day. We all know that practice makes perfect, so take make sure these dishes are perfect for the upcoming holiday, Timothy's Pub is serving two favorites dishes, corned beef and cabbage and Irish stew in a bread bowl for lunch or dinner.

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If you don't have time to dine in, order to go. If you do have time to dine in, I can tell you from personal experience that both of these Irish meals pair well with an ice cold beer and a shot (or two) of Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Timothy's Pub will of course be serving up these dishes on March 17th as well. I don't know if restaurants will still be under restrictions by then - as in limited capacity. If so, plan accordingly. Timothy's Pub is a must stop on your St. Patrick's Day party trail.

Hell you could even make today an event, it is St. Practice Day after all. Timothy's Pub is located on Robert T. Longway in Flint. To check out their entire menu, click here. If you know you want corned beef and cabbage, or Irish stew in a bread bowl, call (810) 239-0972.

This is perfect - two days we can all be Irish, today and again on March 17th. I will definitely eat and drink to that. What are your St. Patrick's Day plans as of now? Let me know if you have any fun traditions that I can borrow. Cheers!

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