If you have been holding out hope for a Flint Firebirds season, I have bad news. The Ontario Hockey League (OHL), has announced that there will be no season due to the increase in coronavirus cases.

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OHL Commissioner David Branch gave the following statement in regards to ending of the return to play plan,

“We have worked tirelessly with the Province and the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the past year on different scenarios and different windows of opportunity but the reality is the conditions in Ontario have never been right to start and complete an uninterrupted, safe opportunity for players to showcase their skills.


We owe it to our players and their families to be definitive. We were committed to return and play this season, but our hopes and desires have been dashed by the cruel realities of COVID-19.”

Super disappointing news to say the least, but understandable nonetheless. I am sure if you are a Flint Firebirds fan you remember how well the team was doing before the pandemic. Our Flint Firebirds were heading to the playoffs before everything was shut down. Enthusiasm was high, fans and players were pumped. I know The Firebirds can do it again, it is just a matter of when they will get the opportunity to get back on the ice.

I really miss hosting the Flint Firebirds Coach's Show at Timothy's Pub too. Heads up the crew at Timothy's is still serving up two Flint Firbirds wraps and they are the bomb. I can't wait to be back there on the stage with players, coaching staff, and you.

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