It's coming! It's just been announced that Mark Farner will be part of this years peace and love event which will be on August 18th at DTE. Check out the performers and what they had to say at the press event:

"I'm really looking forward to headlining Hippiefest this year. I'm going to get to many areas where I haven't played for a while. It's a great show for the fans, too, with Felix Cavaliere, Gary Wright, Mark Farner and Rick Derringer. A great night with lots of hits!"

--Dave Mason--

"I'm geeked about doing Hippiefest this year and can't wait to rock this country and bring back some good memories for our fans!"

--Mark Farner--

"I am humbly looking forward to the upcoming Hippiefest concerts.  To share the stage with such a legendary, talented roster of  entertainers is truly a once-in-a-lifetime honor. What A Show!"

--Rick Derringer--

"This year, I am really looking forward to touring with, and playing for, some of my dearest friends. We are ready to rock! We're gonna rock together for America!"

--Felix Cavaliere--

"I'm very much looking forward to being on the Hippiefest this summer. Especially playing again with Dave Mason, who I used to tour quite a bit with in the 70's. I've also been a fan of Felix Cavaliere - especially the Rascal's music. Rick Derringer and I will be coming off the Ringo Europe tour this summer, so we'll continue working side-by-side. He's such a great guitarist. Mark Farner worked together with me while I was in Spooky Tooth, so that should be fun as well. It's going to be a great summer."

--Gary Wright--

Check back for updates, I'll watch it for you!