With the treacherous weather that Michigan is going through currently, many places of business are closing for the day. Indeed, the entire state has shut down because of the polar vortex. Schools, Government Buildings, Day Cares, and Local Shops are just some of the places who will be staying home today. Those of us in Radio, News, and more importantly, Food Service still have jobs that have no off days. If you planned ahead there will be no need to leave the house today.

If you did not plan ahead/ are at work and in need of food, and plan to order food delivery today, PLEASE TIP THE DRIVER GENEROUSLY. I suggest this because I feel, if you're not confident enough to get in your car and drive somewhere to get food, what makes us think a 19 year old kid without 4 wheel drive is gonna have better luck. Regardless of who it is or the stipulation, if we are gonna spend money, I think it's only proper we take care of the people who are taking a risk to look out for us, whether it's in their job description or not. Let's spread show appreciation this winter.

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