Too Cold For School?
Too cold for school? That's a "thing" now? Yes, parents are divided when school is called off due to Wind Chill. I've overheard people saying "back in their day" this never happened and the other side of parents being thankful for school being called off…
What A Difference Six Weeks Can Make
In the course of six weeks we transformed from the brutal winter to a gorgeous, warm, sunny Memorial Day. Being a pool owner, I long for the summer days of warm weather and sparkling blue water! The transformation is just about complete. Check out the pictures to see the change!
‘Boarding Pass’ Offers An Escape From Winter!
I've heard so many people say that this has been the toughest winter that they can ever remember. We've had ice storms, bitter cold temperatures, and tons of snow! Now, here is your chance to escape, compliments of US1031! Check out the five trips that the winner of the "Boarding Pass" con…
Mid-Michigan Weather Takes Another Turn
After the heavy rain that fell in Mid-Michigan, causing flooding and other problems for residents, Mother Nature is about to take a potentially deadly turn. We've easily broken temperature and rainfall records over the past few days which has left the ground saturated. With no where for that wa…

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