Michigan just became the 31st state to give motorcyclists the option of wearing a helmet under legislation signed by Gov. Rick Snyder this past Thursday.  This isn't a new try, Granholm vetoed it twice before but Snyder says the law goes into effect immediately.  All the state's cops are being notified so they don't pull over helmutless riders.

Of course, there are rules.  Riders:

  • Can choose whether to wear a helmet if they are at least 21 years old
  • Must have at least $20,000 of first party medical benefits coverage -- in case they are involved in an accident
  • Must have passed a motorcycle safety course or have had their motorcycle endorsement for at least two years

Motorcycle passengers who want to exercise this option also must be 21 or older and carry additional insurance.

Personally, I'm not a rider.  But if I was, I'd wear a helmut if it was just a ride around the block.  What about you?