While "winter is coming" (like 'Game of Thrones') for Michigan, it means we'll get a short reprieve from road construction projects... so, we can deal with snow, of course. It's going to be a very busy construction season for 2023... and a couple of towns get those dreaded roundabouts, too.

Genesee County Road Commission has a busy schedule for 2023. These projects include funds from federal and state aid. Some of our roads are shrinking in the next year, too. GCRC refers to this as "diet" to however many lanes.  Not sure why I find that amusing, but I do.

  • Resurfacing projects include Mt. Morris Road in Flushing Township toward New Lothrop. Expect delays between Gillette Road to Sheridan. Toward the Fenton area, Thompson Road from Torrey to Fenton Roads will be included in the resurfacing project in 2023. Beecher Road is the first of the "diet" projects. That will be resurfaced and shrink to three lanes from Graham Road to the Flint City line.
  • The next road to go on a "diet" is Linden Road. This project is fairly large considering it's shrinking the road to 3 lanes. Just south of I-69 in Flint Township, Linden Road will become three lanes all the way down to Hill Road. While this is a micro-surfacing & "diet" project it will properly accommodate reduced traffic flow from yester-year in that area.
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  • A couple of weeks ago we reported that more roundabouts were inevitable. Lots of people around Flint & Genesee County LOVE to hate on them, but they have been proven safer than a standard intersection. Two new roundabouts will be constructed. The first on Morrish Road between Bristol & Corunna Roads. So, lucky Swartz Creek & Clayton Township residents will have a shiny new roundabout by the end of 2023 at the Morrish & Lennon Roads intersection.
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  • Next up for a roundabout is Davison. The Lapeer and Oak Road intersection will have a round-about by the end of next year, too. That should snarl traffic while everyone learns how to navigate on the way to school or the senior mobile home park just south of there.

More roundabouts are likely in the future. A study has already been completed. Review that info, here, to see if your community could get one.

  • Lastly, if you've driven Hill Road from Fenton Road to Saginaw Street you know the traffic lights need to be synced to improve traffic flow, in general.  GCRC has just over $1 million earmarked for that.  (Sidebar, I had no idea traffic signal work was so expensive?!)

GCRC has an aggressive list of other roadwork and bridge replacements, too.  See that information, here.

If you wonder why certain roads aren't being done in your community, start by talking to your township leaders. Ask neighbors & other residents to express their interest, too...and they'll run it up to the county. There, costs can be split 50/50 according to GCRC.

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