A couple months ago, John Densmore hinted that he and his former Doors bandmate Robby Krieger had buried the hatchet after a long feud and were even considering doing a tribute show for Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who died of cancer in May. Seems it wasn't just idle chitchat: Krieger now says that tribute concert could happen early next year.

"We've actually spoken a few times after Ray's death," Krieger told Billboard about his current relationship with Densmore. "I think it sort of showed us that, hey, you can't hate somebody forever. It's better to try to mend fences when you can, before it's too late."

He added they're "talking about doing a tribute to Ray, maybe on Ray's birthday, Feb. 12, and give him a nice send-off."

The former bandmates were also interviewed together for the new Doors interactive app, which was the brainchild of Jac Holzman -- the same guy who, in 1966, signed the group to his Elektra Records.

"There's just tons of stuff [in the app], lots of stuff that nobody's seen, a lot of outtakes from the studio," Krieger said. "Most of the stuff has been on the Internet already ... but this, it's really for the true Doors fan that just wants everything that he's never known about the Doors or already has, all in one package."

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