Ray Manzarek

Remembering Ray Manzarek Of The Doors On His Birthday
Today, February 12, 1939, one of the greatest keyboard players in rock and roll was born in Chicago. Raymond Daniel Manzarek Jr. is the name on the birth certificate. Member of The Doors, Ray Manzarek to my mind one of the coolest musicians /people around...
John Densmore and Robby Krieger Considering Ray Manzarek Tribute
A couple months ago, John Densmore hinted that he and his former Doors bandmate Robby Krieger had buried the hatchet after a long feud and were even considering doing a tribute show for Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek, who died of cancer in May. Seems it wasn't just idle chitchat: Krieger now says that tribute concert could happen early next year.
The Doors’ John Densmore Reacts to Ray Manzarek’s Death
News of Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek's death sent grief through the rock community yesterday (May 20), with many of his peers sharing their sadness via social networks. Perhaps none was more keenly felt, however, than that of Manzarek's longtime musical partner, Doors drummer John Densmore.
Ray Manzarek Of The Doors New CD ‘Translucent Blues’
"Translucent Blues", the brilliant collaboration between between virtuosos Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers. Manzarek, co-founder and pianist for The Doors, and Rogers, world-renowned slide guitarist, skillfully weave rock, blues and a tinge of jazz together with poetry from the likes of Jim Carroll, Warren Zevon and beat Michael McClure into an innovative tapestry.
Paul Rodgers, Lead Vocalist … for The Doors?
I am constantly is pursuit of “NEW” information about my favorite rock bands.  In an article in "Uncut" magazine, Paul Rodgers, lead vocalist of Free, Bad Company and recently Queen tells a story about how The Doors wanted him to replace Jim Morrison after the singer's 1971 death...