"Translucent Blues", the brilliant collaboration between between virtuosos Ray Manzarek and Roy Rogers. Manzarek, co-founder and pianist for The Doors, and Rogers, world-renowned slide guitarist, skillfully weave rock, blues and a tinge of jazz together with poetry from the likes of Jim Carroll, Warren Zevon and beat Michael McClure into an innovative tapestry.


Brimming with soul, intensity and creative energy, the album features multi-layered arrangements, stylistic depth and solid driving grooves.

Music critics have been impressed.  Roots music publication No Depression said, "The two artists are true masters of their craft and they are at their absolute best here."

The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette added, "You can hear echoes of the Doors, traces of blues, flashes of jazz and touches of rock. What you get, though, is a fine blend, like good whiskey, that's a lot  tastier than the sum of its parts.   It's hard to put into words the magical music world they've created here, but it works."

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