I feel for this kid. I was the exact same way as a child when it was time for shots. Who am I kidding, I still scream now when I get my yearly flu shot. Maybe I screamed and cried so much because when I was a kid, my mom took me (and my sisters) to a clown in a church basement to get shots. I am not kidding. 

Watch as this kid loses it before getting his shot. The beauty of this video is that he does not even feel the shot and his mother completely cracks up after the fact. He cannot believe the shot is over, and his mom cannot stop laughing.

If you have kids that hate getting shots, you may want to show them this video. The shot will be over before they know it. As for the clown that used to give me shots, her name was 'Tootie Fruity' and I however still scream when I think about her.

The only shots I like these days are of the tequila kind. Cheers.