The Lapeer Days Festival is less then 10 weeks away and is $20,000 - $25,000 short of the support necessary to fund the event. The festival is not payed for through tax dollars but with sponsor contributions and various vendor fees.
According to the Lapeer Area Chamber of Commerce the annual cost of the production is $120,000. What the festival brings in to the community, city and county, is an estimated $500,000 in spin off revenue. Lapeer Days results in the largest economic impact on the county.
Lapeer Days offers non-profits a platform to raise funds and awareness for their programs, programs that offer hope and help to our residents.
Lapeer Days promotes our community, it generates revenue for our hotels, restaurants, gas stations, drug stores and retailers and more. When employees of businesses like these are earning a paycheck they spend a significant portion of it throughout the city and county.
It's a marketing event showcasing our community (city and county,) and invitation to visitors who bring out of county funds to our area. When their experience is positive, they are likely to return and to share that experience with others, encouraging the possibility of new visitors.
It provides many of our local businesses and youth groups opportunity to perform and demonstrate their skills and talents. The Lapeer Days Parade alone is an advertising tool for hundreds of businesses, organizations and yes, various political candidates. It's a walking advertisement.
For information on how you can help go to or call 810-664-6641.
Any monetary contribution is greatly appreciated.

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